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Cross-Media Audience Metrics
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Introducing the world’s most efficient ACR technology
and the most advanced personal media meter app.

Cross-Media ROI metrics and Broadcast Monitoring

Broadcast monitoring and person-based cross-media audience data at scale, through a new Automatic Content Recognition technology. Our apps measure actual TV, video, radio, OOH reach and campaign effectiveness to increase ROI.


panel sync app


The New Advanced TV Audience meter app

PANEL SYNC is the world’s most advanced passive people meter app solution yet. It helps brands and broadcasters to measure true TV and radio campaign reach and effectiveness. Our proprietary technology identifies content nearby a phone without impacting privacy, data plans or daily battery-life.


Accurate Broadcast Advertising Monitoring

The latest Automatic Content Recognition technology delivers more accurate broadcast advertising monitoring. Monitor your own and competitor TV and radio spots in real-time or use the data to trigger TV synced mobile ads.

protect and measure content with beatgrid automatic content recognition

Mobile Sync

Connect your app users
with ambient TV and radio

The SDK of the world’s most efficient mobile ACR technology. Enable your audience to identify and engage with their favorite shows and ads through your app.

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PANEL SYNC is the most advanced passive people meter app. It measures actual TV and radio advertising exposure in real-time for next-gen media effectiveness insights


Try our MEDIA MONITOR server app to identify ads and content in streams or files, or our MOBILE SYNC SDK for iOS and Android developers

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