The new advanced
TV and radio audience meter

Our proprietary ACR and metering apps retain users
and measure TV & radio ad exposure with ground-breaking accuracy.

mobile acr

Is your media plan effective?

We measure actual TV and radio exposure across platforms, in real-time, on individual level.

More precise TV and radio campaign ROI metrics
Our proprietary content recognition technology identifies audio and video content nearby our panelists smartphones with ground-breaking accuracy, to capture true exposure and impact.

Overlay media exposure data with opinions from our panelists to accurately measure ad effectiveness, campaign attribution and ROI with more precision and speed.

Real-time and cross platform audience metrics for

  • Faster and more precise Campaign Effectiveness insights
  • TV and radio Attribution data
  • Hybrid Audience Measurement

The new audience meter app
with “ZERO” energy impact.

PANEL SYNC is the most advanced Audience Meter app ever made for iOS and Android. It performs content identification with significantly more efficiency and accuracy than other ACR solutions according to 3rd party technology benchmark tests.

Why we retain panelists
The solution performs -All DAY- content exposure measurement through our user’s smartphone microphone, without impacting privacy, data plans or daily battery. Our awarded audience meter app overcomes the known technology compliance and behavioral barriers. This enables us to build large panel samples for better audience data granularity, at significantly lower panel recruitment costs.

panel sync app

Bringing Media ROI data to a new level

At Beatgrid, our belief is that brands and broadcasters should have TV and radio audience data at the speed and precision of digital media.

Spending over 3 years on R&D, we went beyond perfection to develop the most advanced audience meter app yet. We capture more exposure data, while keeping our panelist happy about privacy, data and battery concerns.

key features

White Label solution

Unbranded and Modular with pre-defined settings for real-time matching, delayed matching intervals and others.

Almost ‘Zero Impact’ on Battery

Less than 1% battery use per hour on most Android devices and Apple iPhones.

Robust Sound Matching

Identify ambient content through a mobile in a pants pocket or with background noise, without false –positives.

key features

panel sync app

Feather Light

One hour of content is converted to 180Kb of Audio Fingerprint data.

Smart Monitoring

Self learning algorithm optimizes when to start and stop monitoring.

Works Without Internet

On-device Audio Matching and remote server side Audio Matching.


  • Audience Exposure data on respondent level
  • Capture cross platform TV behavior, in real-time
  • More accurate and faster Advertising Effectiveness metrics
  • Hybrid Audience Measurement
  • Groundbreaking accuracy with super low impact on panelists


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